What is Web So Simple?

 Our Web So Simple system is comprised of individual tools that allow one to edit specific content within a web document called a template. Each template is based upon the initial design of the site, which is based on the requirements of the client. Using these templates an author can create as many pages for their site as desired.

Our Web So Simple Software was made for designing and easily maintaining complex websites and is a product of our experience. It puts back the administrative power in your hands to control and develop your websites efficiently and cost effectively. This system will help you administrate web pages, users, events, products, forms, advertisements, and general content with an easy user interface that even a computer novice can master quickly.

Web So Simple Tools (Modules)
  • Article Tool - Use a simple Word Processing program designed similar to Microsoft Word and is compatible with Microsoft Office applications to update your company's products, promotions, and written content.
  • Navigation Tool - Create lists of links to link to your other web pages and external pages.
  • E-commerce Tool - Sell your own products online.
  • Multimedia - Upload unlimited photos, streaming videos, sound bytes and create portfolio's using our slideshow.
  • Form Tool - Create contact forms, surveys, employment applications, and more.
  • Address Book - Keep track of your staff and even publish their info. on your website or use it as a directory.
  • Newsletter Tool - Create a newsletter right on your website and send out mass mailings.
  • Search Tool - Create search forms to search through multiple types of content.
  • Users Tool - Allow multiple users with the permissions you set edit your website for you.
  • Calendar Tool - Allow people to see your events online.
  • Blog Tool - Create your own blog within your site, even with video if desired.
  • Job Posting Tool - Post jobs and resumes.